To facilitate the work of everyone in the lab, an outstanding infrastructure has been created. This infrastructure includes:

  • A manual of standard operating procedures to orient new members to the lab.
  • A lab intranet.
  • An electronic book of protocols compiling experiences from lab members on techniques that are up and running in the lab.
  • An electronic ordering system.
  • Superb electronic databases and central repositories of:
    • Plasmids (numerically catalogued with links to sequencing data and maps)
    • Primers
    • Cell lines
    • Antibodies
    • Enzymes
    • siRNA oligonucleotides
  • A mouse electronic database from which mouse cage cards can be automatically printed.
This infrastructure, which greatly facilitates our work, would not have been possible without the unique contribution of each of the first lab members, Silvia, Samuel, Yeny and Nick.