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Green Fellow, Ryan Reynolds, presenting his poster at the 2014 Green Fellow Poster Session
Lab members met up for a pottery party and to say goodbye to the Summer 2013 students, Emily and Michael!
Sanghee, Amelia, and Sarah Latchney all coincidentally wore blue striped sweaters all on the same day!
Eisch Lab members came out to the Texas State Fair. And some even enjoyed turkey legs! (2013)
Eisch Lab 2013
Team NASA 2013
Eisch Lab Members 2012
Lab members came out to the Texas State Fair with family and friends! (2011)
We had a GREAT group of summer students this year: Junho, Jae, Sohail, Adam, Erika, and Crystal (Summer 2011).
The 2011 summer students and some permanent lab members in deep discussion during Sarah's ELMO (Eisch Lab Mentoring Opportunity).
Irene's fabulous summer student made cupcakes for her birthday. Not just ANY cupcakes, HIPPOCAMPUS CUPCAKES! With only two left by the end of the day, unfortunately one of them has a damaged CA1. Who was tasting the frosting!?!?
This was the beginning of a stormy winter week in Dallas. The first day only two of us made it in!
The third day the ice was so bad that none of us could make it in! How did that picture get taken then?
The first ice storm was then followed up by a second storm that dumped 5 inches of snow on Dallas. Yet again, several of us opted not to try the slippery roads!
Those lab members that made it in during the second storm were so prepared for Eisch Lab Meeting (ELM)! Push-ups if you're late!
Several members of the lab made it out to the KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA on Adult Neurogenesis in Taos, NM.
Note: Lab members sporting the "dentate gyrus" hand signs in New Mexico.
A birthday lab meeting wouldn't be complete without crackers! We all look dashing sporting our party headwear.
Several lab members took it upon themselves to decorate Amelia's door for her birthday.
What better way to celebrate lab members moving on to new adventures than with CAKE!
A lab photo taken in the winter of 2010. We were all sad to see Shveta go!
Members from the lab got together to play broomball for the holiday social event. Who was MVP you ask? Why Zack of course!
An end of summer lunch here in the ND14 cafeteria  leads to so many blocks for our food (you know, the ones you get so  the server knows where to find you when it is ready?) that we could  spell EISCH. Coincident or fate?
Laure left us to move back to Ohio for her husband's  work - sniff sniff. As sad as we were, this was an excellent reason to  party - bowling, laser tag, cake...maybe we should have people leave  more often! We miss you Laure.
The Summer 2008 crew, serious and then not so serious. Why does Junie  (bottom left) look the same in both? Only her kids know for sure....
Sometimes we get out of the lab for fun. Here's photographic evidence  of our first Murder Mystery Party. Everyone cleans up nice, don't they??
In front of the Chihuly sculpture (in the  lobby of our building!) is the Summer Crew 2007.
On the couch is the Summer Crew from 2005.
On the stairs is the  Summer Crew from 2006
Check out Amelia's son Zack riding the seahorse, which is, of course,  the english translation of the word hippocampus.
Diane at the bench
Diane with her husband Tom  and precious precious Tyler.
Here's Michele with her husband Tim.
Here's Michele with department  member Ami Graham at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting,  conveniently held in San Diego where there are waves and boogie  boards...
Together for one short night! Laure (middle) moves back to  Ohio and Junie and Shveta stay to try to fill her very big shoes.
Junie and Shveta  taking a bowling break to smile (and eat cake).
Shveta smiling at the bowling party with her (very funny) brother Cheton.
Madeleine sports a hip bowling shirt to, what else, bowling.
We were  lucky enough to get to bowl with Madeleine beau, Kevin - great to have  imported him from Buffalo for this lab event!
Amy with beau Herb on the pier
Amy racing in her yellow bumper car (Jess is in the red car), and bearing flowers. Which she does all the time.
When Jess isn't pursuing the role of Notch in stem cells (shown is a  picture of the hippocampus from a nestinGFP mouse she used for some of  her studies), she is hanging out with husband Scott or deep sea  fishing. Hard to do in Dallas, but Jess doesn't let our landlocked  position stop her from having fun!
Nate on his birthday. Also check out Nate strutting  his amazing brain sectioning abilities as well as his clarinet  abilities at NorthPark Mall around Christmas 2007 - he's in front of  the tubas.

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