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UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCHERS (in chronological order)
College attended and special honors or fellowships achieved for work is also noted.

1) Ryan Simonak (Rice University) Summer 2001 & 2002. Stanley Summer Scholar.

2) Lina Seikh (UT Austin) Summer 2003. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF).

3) Amy Mahan (Trinity College) Summer 2005 (SURF).

4) Ricky Markus (UT Austin) Summer 2005. Summer Training in Drug Abuse Research (S-TDAR).

5) Stephen Bell (UT Dallas) Winter 2006 (UT Dallas Green Fellow).

6) David Pyle (Texas A&M) Summer 2006 (QP-SURF).

7) Josh Schonborn (Oberlin College) Summer 2006 & 2007 (S-TDAR fellow).

8) Dante Gonzalez (St. Mary’s University) Summer 2007 (SURF).

9) Greg Wallingford (Notre Dame University) Summer 2007.

10) Jae Kwak (University of Michigan) Summer 2008, Summer 2011.

11) Moushumi Dey (Weslyan) Summer 2008 (SURF).

12) Ramya Raghavan (Austin College). Summer 2009 (SURF), Winter Independent Study 2010 (for credit at Austin College), Summer 2010 (SURF), throughout 2010-2011 school year for Austin College Capstone project.

13) Tahmina Mahmood (UT Dallas). Summer 2009 and volunteered throughout 2009-2010 academic year.

14) Adam Carlton (Cornell University, UT Dallas). Summer 2010 (supported by NIDA Diversity Supplement from Eisch Opiate R01) and throughout 2010-2012 school year.

15) Sohail Kamrudin (U Michigan). Summer 2010, Summer 2011.

16) Monica Tamil (UT Dallas). Winter 2011 (UT Dallas Green Fellow).

17) Alanna Just (Quest University, Canada). Summer 2012 (SURF)

18) Michael He (Rice University, Houston). Summer 2013

19) Emily Fernandez-Garcia (University of Puerto Rico). Summer 2013 (SURF)

21) Bianca Siegel (Tulane University) Summer 2013 (SURF). Opted not to complete the 8-week program. For
details of departure, contact Dr. Eisch or Dr. Nancy Street, Director of the UTSW SURF program.

22) Ryan Reynolds (UT Dallas) Spring 2014 (UT Dallas Green Fellow).

HIGH SCHOOL RESEARCHERS (in chronological order)

Special high school programs attended and special honors or fellowships achieved for work is also noted.

1) Jessica Yee (Texas Academy of Math and Science student, or TAMS) Summer 2003 & 2004. Stanley Summer Scholar.

2) Emily Hsu (TAMS student) Summer 2004. Semi-finalist, Siemens Westinghouse Competition.

3) Sean Yue (TAMS student) Summer 2005. Semi-finalist, Siemens Westinghouse Competition.

4) Santhra Sebastian (TAMS student) Summer 2005.

5) Monica Lu (TAMS student) Summer 2005. Semi-finalist, Siemens Westinghouse Competition

6) Santhra Sebastian (TAMS student) Summer 2005.

7) Stephanie Rogan (Highland Park High School) Summer 2006 & 2007.

8) Angel Cook (DISD) Summer 2007. Student/Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern (STARS).

9) Jason Wang (TAMS) Summer 2007. TAMS summer scholarship.

10) Lurit Bepo (TAMS) Summer 2007.

11) Amina Igeh (TAMS) Summer 2007.

12) Chandana Ravikumar (TAMS) Summer 2007.

13) Arathi Ramamurthi (TAMS) Summer 2007.

14) Harry Han (TAMS) Summer 2008. S-TDAR fellow.

15) Ramneek Manchanda (Carrollton High School) Summer 2008.

16) Allison Quast (TAMS) Summer 2008.

17) Xiafei Ye (TAMS). Summer 2008.

18) Ramya Raghavan (TAMS). Summer 2008. TAMS summer scholarship.

19) Adam Carlton (Richardson High School). Winter 2008, Summer 2009.

20) Jim Chen (TAMS) Summer 2009. TAMS summer scholarship.

21) Sohail Kamrudin (TAMS). Summer 2009.

22) Erika Clark (TAMS). Summer 2010, Summer 2011 (as SURF student). SURF position generously supported by grant from Texas Initiative “Mechanisms of Disease and Translational Science” grant, PI Helen Yin, Ph.D.

23) Crystal Chen (Richardson High School). Summer 2010, Summer 2011.

24) Avanika Khanna (TAMS). Summer 2010.

25) Junho Ahn (TAMS). Summer 2011.

26) Ashesh Trivedi (Carroll Medical Academy). Summer 2012.

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