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Scheduling Policy
October 2013

1. The primary contacts for scheduling data collection time on the machines are Diana Tomchick (ND10.214A, x5-6383, Diana.Tomchick@UTsouthwestern.edu), and James Chen (ND10.214F, x8-1207, Zhe.Chen@utsouthwestern.edu).

2. All problems with the machines, computers or cryostreams should be immediately reported to Raghu (ND10.223C, 5-5937) and the above contacts.

3. Initially, time will be allocated according to demands of the project, subject to availability. Time used for screening of crystals is typically scheduled during weekdays, and data collection is usually scheduled for weekends and evenings. Users may be asked to share crystal-screening time with others in order to use the available time efficiently.

4. Please indicate your preference for machine (left or right port) and the amount of time you require. The demand for beamtime varies from week to week, and is especially high prior to synchrotron trips.

5. Please consult the web calendar (http://crusher.swmed.edu/cgi-bin/Calcium39.pl) before requesting time. If the machine is not in use, check the web calendar to see if someone is scheduled to use this time.

a. If someone is assigned for this time, you should not use the machine without the approval of the scheduled user. If you ignore the sign-up calendar and place a crystal on the machine without prior approval, your crystal may be discarded without warning.

b. If the time is not assigned, you may use the machine, but you must let the primary contacts know. Otherwise someone else may be assigned to use the time. For administrative purposes, we also need to know who uses the machines and how much time they use during the year.

6. You should schedule your data collection time to finish at 9 a.m. on the morning following your last scheduled day.

a. If your data collection will not be finished by that time, you must notify the next user (check the web calendar!) as well as the primary contact and obtain their permission for your collection to continue. They are not required to accommodate your request for extra time, so be prudent and conservative when planning your data collection strategy.

b. Do not expect that the next user will re-freeze your crystal at the end of your data collection unless you have arranged this with that person. In other words, the scheduled user of the equipment is allowed to stop any ongoing data collection and discard any crystal that is still mounted.

7. Generally, the three weekdays prior to a synchrotron trip (i.e. prior to shipping of the crystals) will be reserved for last-minute screening by general users on at least one of the detectors.

8. Please transfer your data from the data collection computer to your lab workstation as soon as possible, and then erase the data from the data collection computer.

9. All data older than 1 week may be erased without warning!

10. We reserve the right to revoke anyone’s privilege to use the shared X-ray equipment if these rules are willfully violated!
















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